Our team

QA Nerds have worked for some big names like: Sony, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Yahoo, and HP. Today we like working with smaller companies and especially startups.

Our difference

Some key points make our team suited for startups and smaller teams.

We're a handful of experts,
not a legion of novices

Some companies offer value based on volume of testers per dollar, but they achieve this by bringing in less experienced testers. We are seasoned testing pros who know best how to break things and find bugs quickly.

If they were a gentle mist, we're a firehose. Both will give you coverage, but one is faster and more focused.

We're available as needed,
not on your payroll

We have on-demand or discounted monthly plans to help you spend wisely. We work best with your development cycle as you near a milestone or release. You can schedule ahead of time, or you can call us in the night before a big demo to help ensure your success.

We're run by an experienced developer,
not an employment recruiter

Nothing against recruiters, but we think it's better that our software expertise starts at the top. Dave Balmer has been a developer for over 34 years. He has extremely high standards for quality inside and out. He cut his teeth on systems with less than 4K of RAM, has learned (and forgotten) dozens of programming languages, and is still an active developer both professionally and for sport.

If you're a developer, he's the guy you dread might do your code review. By the way: he's available to do your code review.

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