We are experts at web and application testing across mobile and desktop platforms. Our QA Nerds use and abuse your project just as your users would, but they are fast, picky, and masters at breaking things.

Manual Testing

Our QA Nerds pretend to be your users, but we find more issues in less time. We work in a couple of modes to suit your project needs:

1. Test to Pass

Best for
Demos to investors or other stakeholders Alpha release to a very small set of users

Often best for product demos, the idea here is to ensure that a set of core features or a specific "path" through your product works as intended. Let us know what you want to make bullet-proof, and we'll focus on ensuring quality in those areas.

2. Test to Fail

Best for
First time users outside your team Beta release to a limited set of users

We try to use your web site or app in unexpected ways, simulating the spectrum of crazy or misguided users you may encounter in the wild. We'll put emoji in your input fields, drag and drop like crazy, and triple click on anything that looks fragile. Our experts have seen it all, so we know how to beat on your product until we shake out all the weird things you didn't plan for.

3. Test on Everything

Best for
Public launch or release or your product Major feature release of an existing product

We do everything above, but across a wide set of devices, operating systems, and network latencies. By doing this, we ensure everything is working as intended in real-world situations. We have our own coverage list, and we can work with yours if you have specific needs.

Web Testing

Web development is different from application development. One of the big challenges stems from how browsers handle the same code differently. A feature which may work as expected in Chrome might completely break in Safari. Even basic things like formatting can look different or break completely going from FireFox to Internet Explorer.

Web testing early across different browsers on different devices can make a huge difference in the success of your product.


While we can adapt to your specific needs, we routinely test on 20 different browser and operating system platforms.

 ChromeFireFoxSafariMS IEMS EdgeOpera
Mac OS
Chrome OS


We can work with any special equipment you supply us with, but we also have our own test lab with:


We usually test with devices, operating systems and browser versions from the last 2-3 years. If you have special needs for your customer base, let us know and we'll work with your requirements.

Easy to Start

We can start testing immediately. We just need:

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